Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Girlie Again

Fuchsia Layered Tank: My Michelle. Tweed Blazer: Old Navy. Grey pants: Style & Co.
I must be going for soft layers and ruffles this week because today I decided on this flowy fuchsia top as my stand out piece for today - somewhat similar to my purple ruffle blouse yesterday. I had on pink shoes but in the end decided to keep it just a bit more toned down with a nice pair of black heels.


Kim said...

Hey! I love your blog. I am a lurker on fashion blogs, especially of people who look totally normal. I'm definitely not brave enough to do my own (yet). My hubby is taking the camera to take "before" pics of the new house. We'll see what happens. Nice to meet you!

SHOEGAL said...

Aw you should have stuck with the pink heels, that would have been fun.
How is your arm now?

Londyn said...

Now that I see the pic - I wish I would have worn the pink heels too!
Next time for sure :)

My arm/shoulder healing is going ok. This recovery thing is harder and takes more time than you would think! Yesterday I was in my sling again because it was hurting so badly, but overall it is getting better all the time. Thanks for asking!

Tim & Tamara said...

Love the pink ruffles under the tweed! The textures are great.

And yeah, you shoulda stuck to your first thought and worn the pink shoes. :)