Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Cardigan: B. Moss. Purple Silk Tank: George. Brown Tweed Skirt: George. Patent Pumps: Fioni.

I think this whole outfit cost me about $41.00. I am very proud of my good deal steals! The shoes where actually the most expensive at $18.00. I never mind going through clearance racks to find my treasures!

I always debate whether to wear this cardigan with brown or black. I always feel like green and purple are best complimented by shades of brown - but the shirt detailing is black so it is hard to wear with no black accents. Today I compromised by putting it with both brown and black. What do you think?


SHOEGAL said...

I think you look lovely today and this outfit works well. Many people are afraid of putting black and brown together but there's no reason not to. Dark brown shoes would work with this too.

JJ said...

Definitely no shame in hitting the clearance racks. I go to the clearance/sale racks FIRST!