Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cabaret Night

Black Blazer: Bisou Bisou. Leopard Shirt: Express. Jeans: Express. Red Shoes (that you can't see): Nine West.

I notice that some weeks I tend to wear the same brand names -- I guess this week it's Bisou Bisou and Express. I also have been wearing a lot of work shirts from New York and Company. It's funny because I feel like I shop at those places rarely. . . I guess I must just buy a lot when I do shop at those places . . . ?

My mom and I are headed out to the Shadowbox Cabaret tonight. We are all dolled up and ready for a fabulous time!


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Elegance Personified said...

This pic is super cute, lovely sassy haircut you got. I love that silk animal-print blouse from Express. BTW I Love Express, Bisou Bisou & Nine West - all 3 brands that compose your lovely outfit. =)