Saturday, March 1, 2008

Basic Blues

I am away from home and unable to take good pictures, so this will just have to do for today. Pretty basic look today in my blue cashmere turtleneck and jeans, but I love the way this necklace plays off so many different colors and really adds interest to the outfit.


Anonymous said...

hi there,

I must say you look great in these jeans and boots.
Where did you get the boots and have you got more pictures of them?
I mostly wear jeans and pointy boots too, but I'm looking for another pair of boots, and I like these ones of you.

Londyn said...

Thanks much -- Would you believe I got them at Payless last winter?!?! I typically go in Payless at least a couple times a year, and I've actually had some great finds! I'll see if I can take some more pics.

Another really great place to find boots is Aldo.