Monday, March 24, 2008

Ambulance Approaching!

Green Polka Dot Silk Tank: Isaac Mizrahi. Cream Sweater: Express. Pinstripe Pencil Skirt: Studio Y. Black Tights. Gray Tie Front Pumps: La Redoute. Diamond Necklace: Kay Jewelers.

Well, today started out okay, but didn't really continue that great. I got in a car accident on my way home. I was headed through an intersection with a green light when an ambulance approached and I had to make an abrupt stop -- the car behind me did not have as much luck stopping........ ah well...... no one was hurt and she had insurance, so I guess all's well that ends well.

Back to fashion -- I matched a different top under this sweater today than I have in the past. Usually I go with a brightly colored cami that just shows a bit, but this time I paired it with a tank that had a similar neckline. I liked the effect and that it didn't look so standard as the typical cami. What do you think?


WendyB said...

Whoa, glad you are okay!

Mykeru said...


I have a beloved, 13 year-old Toyota. It's longevity was questionable after I got rear-ended a year after I bought it. A little banging and painting and it'll be fine.

But the real question is, the person that hit you, what were they wearing?

Tiffany said...

wow glad you're okay!

bananzattack said...

Bummer about your car but I love your outfit. Polka dots are such a fun detail! I think the tank looks great, the understated color peeking out is just right.

Anonymous said...


I am so glad you were not hurt in the accident. I don't know exactly what happened, but as I was viewing some of your older posts, I noticed you had surgery on your shoulder fairly recently, so very glad that nothing happened that would aggravate that.

About this outfit, while the neckline that is created is very flattering because it shows off your prominent and stunning collarbone and the lime/chocolate brown color combo always goes well together, I think it was the contrast between the light/thin texture of the lime tank and the thick, heavy texture of the sweater which threw it off a little. I think either the material of the tank needed to be a little thicker as well or the color needed to be a little more saturated to really brighten the top portion of the outfit and draw attention to your face. I think you said you usually pair the sweater with a brighter tank.

Hope this isn't tmi for you, but you asked : ). I try to give an honest, but never harsh, opinion. By no means is this a horrific outfit--you have a fabulous figure and your clothes always look great on you. It just wasn't one of the ones where you are totally rockin' it (for me anyways). In the end, if you liked it, that is really all that matters. Thank you so much for sharing your blog. L