Friday, February 8, 2008


Okay, so really this is only the second time since my surgery that I have been up and properly dressed. I am feeling pretty good today because I actually managed to get more than 3 hours of sleep last night! Yay for me.

I am still wearing my sling, but decided to take it off for the photo and hide my gimp right arm in the background.

Don't ask me why I decided to wear a turtleneck when it's so hard to move my arm.....I could've made it onto funniest (and most painful) home videos if someone had taped me dressing this morning.

Hopefully will have another pic soon as I may feel good enough to go out to dinner at least or something this weekend.


WendyB said...

You look very chipper, considering!

Robin said...

Hey, I just found your blog through Style for the Stay at Home Mom. I LOVE your style! You always say the brand your clothes are, but not necessarily what store you bought them in. Obviously, things like Express are easy to find, but where do you shop?


Tim & Tamara said...

I have recently rediscovered my turtlenecks with this cold long winter. Now I want to find a great little mini vest/jacket like that to wear over them.

Welcome back!

Londyn said...

Robin -- thanks for visiting my blog! It's actually really hard for me to remember where I buy my clothing as I am a shopoholic and I also keep things a really long time. Some of my common places I shop are stores like Dillards and Macys; I also love shopping online and at little independent stores. I love to look for shoes at DSW and TJ Max.