Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cropped Jacket

Silver and Black Cropped Jacket: elementz. Red Under-Cami: Ann Taylor LOFT

I actually ended up changing my jeans and shoes before going out. I just wasn't feeling the dark blue jean with the colors of the jacket. I also didn't think the shoes stood out enough for the outfit.

I ended up wearing the top with a lighter wash jean and a black detailed pointy toe shoe. I would've loved to put a rich blue-ish purple-ish heel with this outfit, but unfortunately I do not have any. There is a pair of Jessica Simpson blue heels that I have been yearing for forever so I may just convince myself to go buy them this week. . . .

I think this jacket would actually look best with a black skirt or dress, but I have yet to attemp anything but pants since my surgery. I would have to wear stockings if I bared my legs, and I think that would just be too difficult for me right now. Soon to come though, I promise!

Would've gone great with this!


fdiary said...

Fabulous dress and hosiery, everything looks great on you. Very chic!! You can never, ever go wrong with black, it's just such a timeless color.

ChiliLady said...

I like both looks - the first one is classy and casual..the second is kinda posh and elegant!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see you bare your legs in stockings!!!!!!!!!!! :)