Sunday, January 20, 2008

40's Style for Today's World

Jean Blazer: Gap. Cream Lace Tank: Daisy Fuentes. Men's Trousers: Express. Brown Boots: Aldo.

Not everyone likes these wide leg men's style trousers, but I love them. They are very 40s, Katherine Hepburn in Philadelphia Story. They are classic and powerful, yet stay stylish and feminine with a fitted blazer or button up fitted top.

Here is another way I've worn these pants that is a bit more similar to the "Katherine style" with a fitted dark top.


Kah said...

It's great that you give tips for US !



Very nice blog!

Gervy said...

The trousers are FAB. I can't do high-waisted (child-bearing hips), but they look very stylish on you.

fdiary said...

Those wide leg trousers are great. I'm thinking about getting myself a pair. I'm really not a pant wearer, but I need a pair in my closet! :-)