Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Skirt & Tights

Brown suit jacket: New York & Co. (yet again). Leopard tank: no tags... Army green velvet skirt: Ann Taylor. Detailed tights: TJ Max. Brown knee high boots: Rampage.

I drove to work today and parked in the company garage, so because I would not have to wait outside in the cold for the bus (like I normally do), I figured I could get away with a skirt.

The skirt was fine, but the boots did not do as well. For some reason my feet did not support my heels as usual, and by the end of the day I swear the soles of my feet were tingling with pain. Ugh! Let's just say I will be going for small heels tomorrow. What women do for the love of fashion and the love of shoes!

Even though my shoes were a pain, I love love love the tights I have on. I may try and take a close up pic for you to view them better. First off, they actually fit me! As weird as it sounds, I have a hard time finding tights to fit the length of my legs. I almost always have to search for a size "tall" and even then the crotch often is still too low. Second, they are stretchy and comfy, and just plain cute. I admit, even after I came home from work and striped off my work clothes, I kept the tights on -- my boyfriend however, has prohibited me from sharing any of those pictures :)


SHOEGAL said...

Try extra large tights rather than tall ones. They will stretch up for you rather than out! And ensure there's plenty of Lycra/elastane in them. All my height is in my legs and there's nothing more annoying that falling down tights!

Nadine said...

Every thing about this outfit just works for you totally, you look gorgeous.
I hope you can solve the boot problem those are really nice tights and hope you try them with other outfits also

Anonymous said...

Thank you Londyn.
I agree--knee high boots ARE comfortable and liberating to wear.
The tyope of tights worn are also important--DKNY tights are VERY COMFOTABLE!!!!