Sunday, December 9, 2007

Silver Sheen

Black Knit Sweater: Go Jane. Silver Shimmer Tank: Express. Blue Jeans: Express. Black Criss-Cross Heels: KOI Couture.

It's Friday night, so I have to sparkle a little bit. I admit, I always struggle with finding warm winter pieces that still make me look and feel sexy for a night out. Hopefully tonight's choice was decently successful for a casual weekend evening!

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Elegance Personified said...

You definitely are a master at mixing and matching, especially when it comes to layers. You do a FAB JOB layering things. I love that. =) Especially for the colder days out, you sure do now how to layer, so that if it's warm enough in the office, you can take a jacket or a cardi off.

BTW Express is one of my most favorite stores. It's tried & true for me. =) I can find stuff there for ALL OCCASSIONS. At least 20-25% of my wardrobe is from Express. =) And I love your silver cami, too. =)