Saturday, December 29, 2007

Semi Casual

Jeans: Mossimo. Graphic Tee: L.O.L. Red Printed Blazer: Worthington. Boots: Aldo.

Everyone was so casual at work this week. Actually, hardly anyone was even at work as most people were on holiday vacation, and the few people that were there were dressed in jeans and tennis shoes.

I kept to the standard rule of dress pants Mon. - Thur. and jeans on Friday, and though I considered comfy tennis I stuck with boots. I did however decide to wear a more casual graphic tee with my blazer. It has a pretty bird swooping over the front and lots of color and shimmer.

1 comment:

Elegance Personified said...

Love that tee, pretty, cute and a little dressy. Love the Worthington blazer even more. I have a few Worthington items from JC Penney. I guess you like that store, too. =)