Sunday, December 30, 2007

Layered with Jeans

Cream Patterned Dress: Rosebud. Black Faux Fur Wrap: Takara. Jeans: X2. Black Pumps: KOI Couture.

Another night out on the town. My girl is still in town visiting, so we went out for her last night. It didn't go exactly as planned..........but still a good time.

We went to dinner, movie, and bar/club hoppin, so the outfit had to work for all 3 situations. We would also be parking outside and walking, so accommodations for that was needed as well.

Jeans were an obvious choice, and I also knew that I would need something with long sleeves. I love this wrap and wear it throughout the winter, so I brought it out again for tonight. The dress added some interest and allowed for a fun figure flattering night out look without being inappropriate for dinner and a movie. While out at the bars I definitely was more covered than a lot of ladies, but ah well, no need to give it all away, right? All in all, I think it worked out very well.

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