Wednesday, November 7, 2007


As I have now shared with you that I am considering starting up a personal side business -- I am enlisting your help!

To recap: the business would be an image consulting agency specializing in fashion and style, and personal and professional image and presentation, as well as self growth and development.

My first step is to create a website. In order to do this I need to figure out what my domain name would be. It is common to have the business name as the domain name (, but I am hoping to get a lot of traffic generated from search engines, so in that case, it makes more sense for the domain name to be a more general topic that people may search.

What do you think would be a good domain name? Please visit my poll and place your vote! Also please leave other ideas in comments!

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Michee Rose said...

Actually, you just need to make sure your domain name is something easy to remember/type. You can use SEO practices to bump your website up in the listings (keywords in your meta tags, lots of content with topical information).
In my opinion, it's better to have the business name in your URL so that people remember YOUR business (i.e. advertising!) and then use other tactics to bump your search listing.

Anonymous said...

I chose FashionFix. I found the fashion blogs by googling fashion, so I think that word should be in your name. FashionFix is more descriptive of your business than FashionImage.