Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cords that Help Me Cope

Another different color mix for me today. Starting from the bottom up: leopard peep toes, brown cords, black turtleneck, pale yellow tank, khaki cropped jacket, and a jeweled brown-toned necklace.

I was a bit on the casual side for work today, but to be honest, I have been quite stressed out the last few weeks, so today I just decided to let it slide a bit. I am also taking an earlier bus into work this week -- earlier mornings of course mean colder winds, so warm clothes are a definite plus! I am lovin the way my cords feel on this chilly fall morning.


Melody said...

Love the color combo. Cords are my favorite fall item. Comfy, with a capital C!

- van - said...

hey Londyn,

thanks for all your tips on kasmira's blog! i was amazed by the loooong reply! your advice has helped quite a bit, i just went out and got myself an a-line skirt today! we've got target in australia too and i'm planning to go shopping next week after exams.. u look fab by the way. love the crop jacket thing.. take care! and oh did i mention? your blog rocks too!
-van =)

Londyn said...

glad to help and thanks!

Kasmira said...

Great layering! and nice color combo.