Thursday, November 29, 2007

Double Duty

Black turtleneck: SO, Leopard tee: Express, Black dress pants: Mix It, Black peep toes: BCBG.

Today's outfit was dual purpose. After work, I went out with my mom to a nice restaurant, so my outfit had to stand up to both work and dinner. It did a really good job! Kept me warm and I felt dressed appropriately for both occasions.

Also, I have not given up open toe shoes yet. I wore big furry socks and tennis shoes on the bus to work and changed into my heels when I got inside. I can't help it; I just love them too much!


Anonymous said...

FYI: dual not duel ;)

also thanks for posting the brands/stores!

cute outfit!

Teresa said...

What do you do about the hem of your pants dragging on the ground when you're commuting? I use safety pins but it is so nerdy.

Londyn said...

I'm awful when it come to the hem of my pants -- I usually just let them drag if they are long enough to touch the ground. My only other technique is folding them up.

I think rain boots would be a really good investment because then you could just tuck your pant legs right inside!