Sunday, October 7, 2007

Keep or Swap?

As I have been packing all of my belongings in preparation for my upcoming move, I am torn between what I should do with some of my clotthing articles. Some I am keeping, some I am donating, and some I am putting up on a Wardrobe Swap Site.

The following jackets are a good example of me being torn at what to do. I hardly ever wear any of these jackets and I have too many jackets as it is, but at the same time they are pretty cute and may end up being usefull as Fall and Winter roll around.

What's your opinion? Should I keep or put them up for Swap?


SHOEGAL said...

If you don't wear them and have something you can wear instead, swap them or donate them. Your man will thank you for not bringing things you don't wear to the new place, believe me!

Gervy said...

The colours of the first two jackets - the metallic grey and pretty teal) - really suit you. So why don't you wear them?

The third jacket can go - so over faux fur.

Londyn said...

Good feedback!

The blue jacket is honestly not that useful -- a rain jacket that can't keep out the rain. I think that one is a definite swap.

I never thought the silver one was very flattering, but I admit, I like it in the pic and that was the only reason I am re-considering.

I'm still up in the air with faux fur.....

fashion evolution said...

I think you should keep the first silver and teal ones as well (mainly because I love them and would keep them if I owned them). Besides, keeping something you don't usually wear will force you to be more creative to reincorporate it back into your wardrobe. Don't you think? And I agree with you about swaping the third one.

Your blog has also been a great inspiration for me as I embark on my own blogging journey. I would love if you and others took a peek :)