Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween in Blue and Red

I am completely jealous that I cannot call this blue velvet jacket my own. I borrowed this from my friend Kasmira (along with this fab skirt) and I love it! I received tons of compliments and even had one person ask if she could borrow it from me!

No, today I did not sport any holiday gear. I look awful in orange and didn't feel like dressing in black, so blue and red were my colors of the day instead. Blue and red is not a combo that I often wear, but I think it turned out really fun. The red shoes with the black sheer tights made for a nice accent point too.


Kasmira said...

I never would have thought to wear those two together! Looks great on you.

Melody said...

Love the red shoes! And tag, you're it. See my post from 10/31/07.

Elegance Personified said...

I love this outfit; sharp, office-appropriate and pretty. I love the 2 bright colors. That jacket is amazing. I have a pair of velour teal-blue pants that would match it perfeclty. =)

Your smile here is what makes the pic. =)

Take Care & don't forget to check out Elegance Personified.

<3 Ada.