Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend Spice

Yay for weekend shopping! I am headed off to go shopping with my boyfriend for some things for our new place. Moving in with a significant other -- this will be a first for both of us, so it is exciting and nerve racking all at the same time.

He looked so dapper in his striped button up shirt, jeans that hung just right, and slick boots that I decided I wanted to dress up a bit to match him :)

I decided on colorful shoes, a bright belt, and some fun jewelry to spice up the beige classic dress. Now I'm up to par and ready to go!


SHOEGAL said...

You look lovely, very sophisticated.

Kasmira said...

That dress is super cute!

Melody said...

THIS is Audrey Hepburn!!! Very cute. Good choice with the green belt.

Elegance Personified said...

This is a beautiful outfit, a little retro yet modern. Crisp, polished, you mean business yet you keep it sweet. I love the dress. Does the lime belt come with it? It adds some color. Loooooove those candy-color shoes!!

I hope you're still with your boyfriend today and hopefully engaged or married. He'd be a very lucky man to have a stylish, pretty, bright, intellectual, business woman and fashionista, by his side. =)

Take Care Sweetie. <3 Ada.

Londyn said...

Thanks! Actually, the belt goes w/ another skirt, but I liked adding the pop of color too!

Yes, we're still together :)

I read your comment to him just now so he would be reminded of what a lucky man he is!!!