Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Semi-Casual

Align Center Yay! The weekend is finally here! I swear it has been ages......

I am headed out to a casual dinner, but I always like to dress up just a bit, so I decided on a khaki rusched skirt, brown tank, khaki short jacket, gold doubled necklace, gold & navy wedges, and my brown leather Gucci. Still casual, but a bit on the dressy side.

Now I am off to enjoy this beautiful day!


SHOEGAL said...

You look fab! What made you choose navy shoes? I would have gone for brown. They look good though.

Londyn said...


I went with navy shoes for a few reasons: 1) navy and brown are both neutrals, so they automatically work together and compliment each other. 2) I usually hate being matchy matchy. 3) I love shoes that "pop" from an outfit, not ones that just blend in.