Tuesday, September 18, 2007

These Heels Were Made for Running

This pic was taken in a ridiculous rush out the door. I woke up on time, but ended up running seriously late for some reason.

On this rush rush morning, I decided to wear my blue silk tie front blouse with tan cropped pants and my brown t-strap heels. I actually did manage to throw on an accessory as well -- my chunky blue jewel bracelet.

I was convinced that I would miss my bus, but I actually made it! Thank goodness I can run in these heels!


Anonymous said...

Love the Blue blouse!


SHOEGAL said...

I'm impressed you can look so good with no time to think about it! I have to put out my clothes the night before!

wendygital said...

Love That blouse color!
And those t-strap shoes!
So good you can run with them!