Monday, September 10, 2007

Power Suit & Pop of Red

I had to dress very business professional today for a big meeting I had at the office. I was stressed out all morning up until the meeting time, so thankfully I had a jacket covering my silk shirt just in case I ended up sweating in my nervousness.

I have always been told that red is a color of power in the business world, so I always wear red to interviews and business meetings. I have to say, I think it helps! There's something about a good suit jacket, pencil skirt, and pop of red that just makes me feel like I have it all together (even thru my shaky belly).

All in all the meeting and my day went very well. I will give the credit to my power suit, my new Coach bag, and of course the color red.

Close up of new bag as requested!


SHOEGAL said...

You look fantastic! Very confident.

Londyn said...

Thanks! I can feign confidence well sometimes :)

Julie said...

Close-up picture of the bag, please!