Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Green Earrings

I went for cheery summer colors today. My stretch button up green shirt with stripes was super comfy. I wore a bright yellow cami underneath my button up, slid on some white capris, brown sandals and called it a day.
My only accessory today was my green earrings. I found these earrings for $4.95 at H&M in Chicago. I was so excited about my steal when I bought them, however, I ended up leaving them (and another pair of earrings) at the restaurant I had dinner at later that evening.

I called the restaurant and asked if they had my earrings. They said they did, so I went back, grabbed my shopping bag from the waitress, and headed back to my hotel. Little did I know that only one pair of earrings were in that bag and that a little mouse had taken my pretty green pair.

I figured I could afford another $4.95, so I grudgingly went back to H&M and bought another pair. I hope they are worth my troubles!


Vicki said...

Hi Londyn,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love what you and Kasmira are doing with photographing your daily "get ups". A lot of inspiration!

Melody said...

Love the green & white combo! Pretty earrings, too.

Kasmira said...

Those ARE pretty. I like how the gold cami looks like a wide belt in the photo.