Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gold and Glitter

I think my accessories stole the show in this outfit today. I love gold and glitter, so I glamed up my khaki shorts and white gathered tank with a layered gold and turquoise necklace and some gold strappy heels. These heels most definitely caught a lot of glances while I was out today. Not a lot of people wear heels during the daytime, but I like to take advantage of being able to wear that sort of thing while the weather is still nice. I know the cold winter weather will be here much sooner than I am ready for it, and then, it will be boots for me.


knamahoe said...

LOVE IT! I'm jealous. the necklace really tops it all off.

Elegance Personified said...

besides the outfit being real cute (especially the long white tank) the jewelry necklace and the gold strappy heels are too fabulous, not to notice. ;-)