Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Early Bird

I had a very rushed morning today! I didn't remember I had to be at work early today, until I had already hit the snooze button 2 times too many. Once I realized my mistake, I jumped out of bed like a flash and scrambled to get ready. I didn't have an outfit picked out, so I was blindly trying to put an outfit together spur of the moment. Usually this wouldn't be a problem for me, however, it seems that whenever I am in a hurry I find myself with "Nothing to wear!"

I also knew that I had to be a bit more on the professional side today as I would be in meetings all day. Ultimately, I went with the tried and true colors of power: red & black. I also stuck with a suit jacket. Though my overall theme was professional, hopefully the look still has a bit more flair than the norm.

As it turned out, my first meeting didn't start until a half hour later than I thought it was supposed to, so I actually could've taken my time. Oh well, the early bird catches the worm, right?

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knamahoe said...

This is great! Very cool but business-y. Niiiiiice.