Tuesday, July 3, 2007


This dress is extremely comfy, however the belt -- not so much. It cinches my waist like a corset and I swear I can hear my insides screaming at me everytime I even think of wearing that darn belt. Whenever I was at my desk I ended up taking the belt off. I know they say you have to endure pain for beauty, but today I just wasn't up to the sacrifice. At least I did feel very fun and retro in this outfit today. Retro dress: vintage thrift store find. Red wide belt (arg!) and red patent heels to match. Guess handbag.


Kasmira said...

I'm so happy you're including text with your pictures now!

Is that the same belt I have? I like the squeezy feeling. Makes me feel like I don't have to hold my own gut in. :)

Londyn said...

thanks :)

yep, same belt. I must be a wimp!

Gervy said...

Red and retro work for you. The bag is gorgeous.

Elegance Personified said...

40s Chic. Retro but in a modern way, def retro done right. =) Love the dress but it's the accessories that make this outfit, especially the fabulous handbag and belt. The shoes (we discussed from previous posts) are great, too.

What state in US do you live at, Londyn?

Londyn said...

Cincinnati, OH! Too bad we're far apart!!