Monday, July 9, 2007

Pink as Usual

By now, anyone who has looked at my blog should have been able to tell that I like skirts and dresses and in general anything kinda girlie. So, in true to self fashion, I am sporting a pink and black lacy corset style top, a rusched black skirt, and some tie up wedges. These shoes are undoubtedly some of the most uncomfortable shoes ever (you should see the marks they leave on my legs!), but they are fun for an every-now-and-then occasion.

I like this outfit because even though it is sexy, I am not actually showing much skin outside of shoulders and calf.

Can you tell I was outside tanning this weekend? ~Just call me pinky. At least I match my outfit!


Kasmira said...

You didn't wear this to work, did you? At least, not without a jacket! You look smokin!

Julie said...

So what was the special occasion?

Londyn said...

No, be comforted, I did not wear this to work!

This ensamble was required for a night out :)

Anonymous said...

Found your site through kasmira and you guys are great! The corset is awesome where did you get it?

Londyn said...

Thanks! Forever21 last summer.

Elegance Personified said...

You look beautiful, very sassy & sexy. This look is a little unusual for you but yeah you are definitely girly, as am I. We are both chic, girly, elegant yound ladies who love dresses, skirts, shoes and dressing up. I just wished we lived closer. We'd become great friends and do some great shopping together - that I am sure of.

I live in Michigan, what about you?

P.S. I didn't tell you yet but I LOVE YOUR NAME, LONDYN! So pretty, modern, stylish & unique, as you are. It fits you to a tee. =)