Saturday, July 7, 2007

Joining the Club

Everyone has been wearing these knee length Bermuda shorts and I think they are really cute. I bought this pair somewhat recently and this is my first time wearing them. Even though they look fine in this picture, I actually had a really hard time finding a top to go with them. I tried on several other tank tops and I just didn't like the way they looked with the longer shorts. I finally just gave up and threw on a white boyfriend beater and a fun necklace. I think it worked out pretty well, but I am not sure how much use I will get out of these shorts if I had to go thru the same hassle every time. Any suggestions???


Anonymous said...

These shorts should be easy to match. How about a swingy A-line top? A bright color or graphic print would liven up the tan shorts

Kasmira said...

Was the problem that everything looked too preppy? I like anon's suggestion of an A-line top.