Thursday, July 19, 2007

Color Happy

It was dark and rainy today, so I made sure every clothing item I wore had color to brighten things up. People are always making comments on how much color I wear. I can't help it; color just makes me happy :)

I stuck with pink and green shades today. Another shirt and skirt from Kasmira, mixed with some of my accessories, make up my color ensemble. I added a fitted jean blazer later in the day when I got a bit chilly.


Anonymous said...

More skin please!

Miss Welby said...

ciao, nice blog! how about exchanging links? :)

Elegance Personified said...

I LOOOOOOOVE THAT YOU WEAR SOOOOOO MUCH COLOR. I have the "same problem" and some people comment on that too and some have even made some offensive remarks. But colors make me happy so screw them. Do the same, which I see you do. Colors make you happy, why not wear them!

I love your little denim blazer. I have one that looks almost identical. =)